Office Automation


XMTS offers a variety of IP PBX and Printing and Imaging solutions, to cater to the needs of each and every customer.

Our IP PBX Solutions work with any and all VoIP Solutions, as well as Analog lines and LCR sim cards.

The solution can exist out of wireless and wired handsets, as well as headsets, depending on your requirements.


We have monthly rental and outright purchase solutions, that include a Service Level Agreement that ensures you of a fully functional solution at all times.

Our prices vary, depending on the solution requirements but, we are extremely competitive in cost and quality.

We also have our own VoIP solutions that seamlessly integrate with all the PBX brands we supply and you can subscribe to obtain a new 051, 011 or 087 number, as well as port your existing geographic number so, your customers will still be able to contact you, using the exact same numbers as they did before.  Numbers on our VoIP network will also enjoy cheaper call rates than you would at your average analogue and LCR voice service providers.





Our copiers are available to small, medium and large enterprises, to whom we can offer a complete, multi function copier.

As with our PBX Solutions, we offer outright purchases and rental agreements, which are accompanied by a “Cost per Copy” and Service Level Agreement.

You will no longer need to replace toners, drums and service the copier, as that is included in the service we provide you with.  Only the paper will be for your own account.

The solutions also range from wired and wireless, to color and mono solutions so, you can choose the solution that suits your budget and requirements.