Welcome to XMTS,

XMTS, is a Bloemfontein based Internet Service Provider, providing products and services to customers in and around South Africa.

With over seventeen years of experience in the IT sector, we have spent the last eleven of those years, in the telecommunication industry, perfecting our service offerings.

Our products and services include solutions for home users, small offices and large enterprises alike.

Our internet solutions range from wired to wireless, at a variation of speeds and prices to ensure that there is something for everyone.

We also offer other services such as VoIP and PBX Solutions, Email and Web Hosting, Printing and Imaging Solutions as well as Service Level Agreements etc.

Feel free to visit our “Services” tab to browse our available options or our “Contact” page for any Internet or IT related services you may require.

This website is currently still under construction however, feel free to contact us, should you require any further information by visiting the “Contact” page or log your support ticket by visiting the “Support” page.